Progressive Liturgy2


When Progressives Gather Together.
Liturgy, Lectionary, Landscape… And Other Explorations

Author: Rex A E Hunt
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing, Northcote, Vic, 2016
P/Back, 405 pages, RRP $31.95

Reviewed by
Rev Wes Hartley
[Busselton, Western Australia]

The overwhelming sense experienced of engaging in Rex Hunt’s splendid resource, because it is much more than just a “read”, is one is left with the sense that worship in all its visual, verbal, non-verbal and yes, sensual manifestations, is theatre - pure and simple.

Never before has there been such a plethora of resources available, including that of electronic and visual presentation denied to previous generations, yet the theatre seats are largely empty and the enterprise risks failure.  It is the abiding dilemma of contemporary faith communities.

In an environment where the awe of the latest manifestation of Star Wars, or the fascination of gravitational waves defining universes we will never experience are front and centre in popular imagination, few are noticing the passion that can emanate from creative faith expression, whether through sacrament or proclamation, prayer or story, allied to heightened sensitivity and growth in awareness of all that surrounds us.

Rex Hunt’s work takes us on a fascinating journey of personal experience and growth, gathered over a half century in ministry, garnered with a rich tapestry of resources shared and experienced with colleagues and collaborators alike.

The core elements of ministry and worship, more renowned in our current time by desecration rather than liberation, are set free as one engages on a journey through the use of liturgy and landscape, cleansed by the true baptism of renewal, refreshed by a meal shared, engaged in a sense of the divine through prayer, then freeing us to proclaim that about which we can no longer remain silent or allow to stay repressed within us.

Allied to this is a most excellent range of worship and liturgical resource Rex refers to as a “Tool Box” - and indeed it is.  Whether one is engaged in leading others into a faith experience, or quietly reflecting on lost opportunities and all the “might have beens”, Rex’s creative work is designed to stimulate the senses, engage the mind and sign us up for a wonderful journey of (re)discovery.