Progressive Liturgy3


When Progressives Gather Together.
Liturgy, Lectionary, Landscape… And Other Explorations

Author: Rex A E Hunt
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing, Northcote, Vic, 2016
P/Back, 405 pages, RRP $31.95

Some short comments…

Having traversed the emotionally draining journey of deconstructing orthodox Christianity the question that arises for “progressives” is, how can we share and express our recently found understanding of the sacred source of life?

Rex Hunt’s new book When Progressives Gather Together is the book I have been waiting for.  In this book Rex provides “progressive” Christians with a guide for corporately celebrating their newly found life-embracing faith, without negating their intellectual integrity.

Another piece of the puzzle for “progressives” in the sharing of a living faith within an embracing community is now in place and for this I am profoundly grateful.

Rev John W H Smith
[Co-Editor, Why Weren’t We Told?]

Rex Hunt has created a wonderful source for those who have an established progressive church or are contemplating starting one. Not only does Hunt give a powerful case for the progressive movement but offers an insightful critique of what has gone wrong with the modern church. 

He then offers a plethora of just about anything someone would want in order to create a powerful worship service week after week. 

Oh how I wish I would have had this book thirty years ago when we first started our church in California.

 Fred C. Plumer
[President, ProgressiveChristianity.Org USA]