Seasons and Self: Discourses on Being ‘at home’ in Nature
(Including 11 original poems by John Cranmer)

Author:  Rex A E Hunt
Publisher: Coventry Press, Bayswater, VIC
P/Back, 264 pages.  RRP $34.95


"For progressive religious thinkers Rex Hunt provides ground on which to stand as they explore the often-asked question, 'Where do we go from here?'  This book will delight and inspire".
Michael Morwood. Author of It's Time. Challenges to the Doctrine of the Faith

"Rex Hunt has once again given eloquent voice to his progressive passions. Seasons and Self draws on decades of commitment to progressive liturgy, combined with a dedicated commitment to social ecology and a long-standing interest in religious naturalism, a term which Hunt explains might also be known  as “eco-spirituality” or even “secular mysticism”. Following a well researched thematic essay on religious naturalism, the book draws on creative homilies and the like from Hunt's years of ministry and leadership in the Progressive Christian movement. Seasons and Self is a timely reminder to the religious that an ecological theology is now a necessity while, to those who eschew religion, justifiably in many instances, this book asserts that deep ecological consciousness is essentially  spiritual. The result is a valuable, accessible resource for both progressive preachers and activists who know that there is no other vocation more important than the defence of life on Earth”.
Rev Dr Noel Preston, AM. Adjunct Professor in Applied Ethics, Griffith University, member of the Australian Earth Charter Committee, and author of Ethics With or Without God

A poem is response to the cover of Seasons and Self...

By John Cranmer

Here is the Pelican
Who swims the waters
Of our remembering

She who flies Formation
Slowly --- carefully  — intimately
In the strength of companionship
Instinctively facilitating safe-passage
From drying inland salt-lakes
Homing towards the RIVER
That flows from snow mountains
Searching out the waiting ocean

She who comes with Story
Of archetypal formings
Sinuous keeper
Of the Alchemic Stone
Distillation of dross to gold

Images of total self-giving
With her own Blood
For those She nourishes

Here is the Lady
Who sings to life
The mystery of deep-time.
As she flys into the coming sun
In the opening of its growing light
Sharing the consistency and artistry
Of her species memory