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Entry Music

A human life is sacred.
It is sacred in its being born.
It is sacred in its living.
And it is sacred in its dying…

The sorrow and joy of Life
weave a tapestry of our individual lives
as Death gathers us once again in this place.

We have come together
because we knew and loved (NNN).

It is good that we have come together.
Because we need each other
in empathy and consolation.

And because we need each other in courage and wisdom…

To face (Ns) death. To celebrate (Ns) life.
And to show love and support for his/her family.

It is good - right and fitting - that we have come together.
Because a human life is sacred,
in its being born,
in its living,
and also in its dying.

Silent Reflection/Prayer

Come into this circle of loss.
Come into this circle of compassion.
Come into this circle of memory.
Come into this circle of love.

Life has been given to us.
A circle of days.
Generations follow generations
so that Life endures – circle repeating circle.

And death at the end of our days,
closing the circle of each life.

We know this.
Yet we seek to understand and accept as we are able,
that living is losing those we love
and eventually dying ourselves.

And a strange and wonderful peace begins…
May it be so.

Good morning/afternoon, my name is (NN).
I am (short, personal details).

Welcome to this Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving for (NNN)
On behalf of his/her family we thank you for attending
and sharing in this important occasion with them.

Following this service the family has asked
that we invite you to return to (Name of place)
to join them in some refreshments.

Death has brought us together here.
The death of (N).
Yes, but also, No.

Life has gathered us, too…
Life channeled through N’s life.

And Love.

Life’s purest expression which survives even death,
has gathered us - Love for (N),
and love for those who mourn N’s death the most.

A wise one among us has said:
“We all live on in others in elemental ways, through our disposition,
our example, our caring, our sense of humour,
our way of solving problems, as well as
through our consciousness and deliberate contributions.

“We live on through the memory of special moments
in which we are present.

“And we live on through being a grain of sand
in the vast social movements that we lived though
and in which we participated…”

Another has said:
“Love is patient; love is kind;
love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude…

“It bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never ends.

“And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three.
And the greatest of these is love.”

Let us affirm and celebrate the life of N.
The things we would like to remember about the person

(The people’s tributes)

(N), all these things and more you have given to us.
We respect your journey through life,
with all its realities.

A Personal Moment
Now let us pause to gather our individual feelings and thoughts,
as we remember (N) in silence:
• the person who lived and whose life touched ours, and
• the many and varied ways he/she contributed
to making each of us the person we are.

We give thanks for the life of (N).
We remember him/her for the person he/she was,
though we can only know a portion of hi/hers world.

He/She lives on through all he/she touched -
the common life of which we are all a part.

He/She lives on, especially through those whose lives
were intertwined with his/her life.

We remember those who love (N) the most,
and feel his/her loss the most:
(N), (N), (N)

May they be granted the gifts of wisdom, courage, and thanksgiving
that will give them forgiveness, acceptance, and peace.
We are all connected and our strength
is the strength of many.

Thanks be to God, Source and Ground of Life.

Special Music and Slides

Words of Farewell
Nothing about this loss seems right. Nothing!
Nothing can make it right. Nothing!

Instead we seek - yes, pray - for tender mercies:
for understanding that will eventually bring a measure of peace;
for memory that N’s life is now written on the Tree of Life;
for compassion, that we will not be alone;
for companionship, that family and friends will hold us
and help us begin to heal.

(N), (N), (N), we can not pretend
to make amends for your loss.

But we who are here, and those who are absent but
are thinking of you, offer whatever support you may need,
giving you encouragement and support to continue living.

And may the spirit of Life and hope emerge
in your lives in the days ahead.

The people stand, as they are able

Humbly we stand in the face of Death.
Confidently we stand with Life.

Our strength is the strength of many.
Indeed, it is the strength of all humanity throughout all time.
Because we share one fate
and a great compassion.

Words of Encouragement
The courage of the early morning’s dawning,
The strength of the eternal hills,
The peace of the evening’s ending,

And the love of life
Be in our hearts. Amen.

The family will now follow (N) to his/her burial site.

And a reminder… Following the Committal
the family would like you to join them
for refreshments at (place).

Processional Music


The Committal
The spirit of (NNN)
shall not know the blight of mortality:
for it shall live on in the lives made real
by its presence, and its gracious influence.

Those atoms and molecules which constitute his/her physical frame…
Every one of them originated in the burst of heat and light
which created our galaxy millions of light years ago.

They persisted in bodies both animate and inanimate
that came into being on planet Earth,
and they reached their fulfilment in the generous life-form
and personality of this strong,
courageous, self conscious human being, we called (N)…

Placement of Flowers by Family

So reverently, lovingly, trustingly,
we commit hi/her body to the ground,
which is welcoming to us at the time of our death.

Ashes to ashes, star dust to star dust.

In the cycle of life and death
the earth is replenished
and life is eternally renewed.

Earth brings us into life and nourishes us.
Earth takes us back again.
Birth and death are present in every moment.

Words of Release
Into the darkness and warmth of the earth
We lay you down.
All  We lay your down.

Into the sadness and smiles of our memories
We lay you down.
All  We lay you down.

May all that we loved about (N) continue to find expression
in way we love one another
and face whatever the future holds.

May we take inspiration from the glimmers of the divine
we see through the lives of others.

Therefore, from this moment on let us live our lives with
a surer faith
a greater hope, and
a more steadfast love,
so that the Spirit of God will move with us
and dwell among us. Amen.

Words of Blessing
As the kookaburra gently settles on the tree,
receive the gift of peace.

As the flame rises with light and warmth,
receive the gift of life.

As the wind moves and dances round the earth,
receive the gracious gift of the Spirit.
Amen. May it be so.

For a human life is sacred.
It is sacred in its being born.
It is sacred in its living.
And it is sacred in its dying…

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