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The Other Lectionary’ - a suggested ‘southern hemisphere’ Lectionary (with a few Resources added) offered in parallel to,
or even replacement of, the RCL which is in standard use by many.


“There is a need for the religious traditions… to appreciate that the primary sacred community is
the universe itself, and that every other community becomes sacred
by participation in this primary community”

6 June 2021.  Pentecost 2B. (Green).

Worth Pondering
“The main thing in life is not to be afraid to be human”
Pablo Casals

Acknowledgement of Country/First Peoples
(An act towards reconciliation)

For thousands of years Indigenous people have walked
in this land, on their own country.
Their relationship with the land is at the centre of their lives.

We acknowledge the (NN) People of the (NN) Nation, past, present, emerging,
and their stewardship of this land throughout the ages

First Peoples Statement to the Nation 2017 called “Uluru Statement from the Heart” HERE
A Response from Common Dreams5 Conference of Religious Progressives,
Australia/South Pacific 2019  HERE

(NN) is a safe place for all people to worship regardless of
race, creed, age, cultural background or sexual orientation


Rich and Striking Visuals
            “The function of beauty… is to make us aware of a reality which is richer and deeper
            and more marvellous than anything we can dream or conceive.” (Henry N. Wieman)
            Artwork OR Floral/Symbols display (cloths, candles, stones, wood, leaves, flowers, earth, water) OR projection of Film/Video 

Gathering Music

Entry into the Celebration
The gong is sounded three times

Come into this place, where the ordinary is sanctified,
the human is celebrated,
the compassionate is expected.

Come into this place.
Together we make it a holy place
with our every act of worship.

v2  Let us celebrate the richness and diversity of life.

Lighting of the Community Candle
The Community Candle is lit

Note: (i) A suggested process for introducing new hymns, called Hymn of the Month, can be found HERE
(ii) Additional Special Purpose Hymns that cover major international events or themes can be found HERE
  They include these categories: 1. Bush (Brush) Fire, 2. Tsunami, Storms/Cyclones, 3. Earthquakes, 4. War/Remembrance, 5. Caregiving, 6. God as Mother, 7. Human Trafficking, 8. Disabled, 9. Migration/Refugees, 10. Terrorist Attacks, 11. Science/Cosmology
(iii) Specific resources on Terrorism HERE
(iv) On Wonder, Awe, and Nature HERE

Hymn/Song Where the Love of God(Tune: ‘Reconciliation’)                                   76 FFS
Where the love of God is guiding,
there is now another way:
new awareness of compassion
learned from one another;
love, the face of God in Jesus,
new creation's thrust,
love, transforming tears and terror
into health and trust.

Where the truth of God is driving,
there is now another way,
shining through our times' confusion,
sharp with revelation:
words that stifle sense or spirit
changed and redefined,
crosses raised to teach division
lowered, left behind.

Where the life on earth is cherished,
there is now another way,
where a child may grow in safety,
where there's peace and shelter,
when we hold the fragile planet
in our conscious care,
when we see again as sacred
all we are and share.

God will lead us on this mission,
God, the flightpath and the power,
lifting all who grasp the vision
into understanding:
so the heart and hope within us
set each other free,
where the love of God is guiding,
this shall come to be.  (
Shirley Erena Murray)


"O God, Beyond our Knowledge" (Tune: 'Chilton Foliat',                                71 HoS
O God, beyond our knowledge, time and space,
and yet within each person in this place;
we sing with grateful thanks and heartfelt praise
your love that warms and colours all our days.

Around us living things your wonder show;
the birds above, each tree and flower below
of ev’ry colour, fragrance, texture, size,
unveil your lavish love to marv’ling eyes.

You feel our deepest sorrow, fears and needs,
transform compassion to creative deeds;
you gently crumble long held rigid creeds;
replace with unimagined lively seeds.

You come in thunder, silence, ice and flame;
enrich the poor, make dancers of the lame;
in vain we try to keep you neatly filed;
ruler of realms, yet helpless human child.

We cannot comprehend what you have planned
but trust your wisdom and your gen’rous hand;
may we, with awe and joy, use what you give
that ev’rything is earth may truly live.  (Lois Henderson)

Opening Sentences
Let the light fall warm and gentle on the earth.
Let the carrawongs sing their morning song.
And let God's people say...
Let it be so with us.

Let the tools be stored away.
Let the work be over and done.
And let God's people say...
 Let it be so with us

Let the sun rise up and vegetables grow.
Let hearts be glad and minds be calm.
And let God's people say...
 Let it be so with us

Act of Awareness
The world is always radiant.
Whether at night under the dimmest starlight,
or at noon under the brightest sun,
the world is giving forth a vast legend.

It only awaits the involvement of the eye,
the engagement of the ear.

So let us live this moment in all its fullness,
for in it is all realization, all time.  (Adapt.Kenneth Patton/sscl)


We pray:
God, help us to listen to our inner spirit;
to the inner yearning to belong to something
greater than ourselves.

Help us to listen to our inner spirits
and find there the presence
of your good encouraging spirit.  
(Francis Macnab/h)
May it be so.

Hymn/Song  "The Ceaseless Flow of Time" (Tune: ‘McKee’,  86.86)                              350 SLT
The ceaseless flow of endless time
no one can check or stay;
we'll view the past with no regret,
nor future with dismay.

The present slips into the past,
and dream-like melts away;
the breaking of tomorrow's dawn
begins a new today.

The past and future ever meet
in the eternal now:
to make each day a thing complete
shall be our new year vow.  
John Storey

In your own words

A warm welcome is extended to all.
Especially those who are gathering at (NN) for the first time,
or who have returned after an absence.

Your presence both enriches us and this time of celebration together.
Refer to printed liturgy. Fellowship hour following the Gathering.
Those visiting, please sign our Visitors book.


By Gordon B. McKeeman.

How does one address a mystery?

Let us go cautiously, then,
to the end of our certainty,
to the boundary of all we know,
to the rim of uncertainty,
to the perimeter of the unknown which surrounds us.


Let us go with a sense of awe,
a feeling of approaching the powerful holy
whose lightning slashes the sky,
whose persistence splits concrete with green sprouts,
whose miracles are present in every place and moment.


Out of our need for wholeness in our own lives,
the reconciliation of mind and heart,
the conjunction of reason and passion,
the intersection of the timeless with time.


For no words will explain the inarticulate
or summon the presence that is always present
even in our absence....

Simply be in the intimate presence of mystery,

Centering Silence
        Centering silence has its roots in the earliest of monastic traditions of the ‘desert Fathers (abbas)/Mothers (ammas)’
        and the Christian mystic tradition… Relaxing into ‘quietness’ creates the space for deep listening and draws you into yourself

Let us now commit ourselves to be in silence,
to rest for a moment,
to enter a time of peaceful reflection.

Music of Reflection


Wisdom  from the World/Religious Traditions
        “Wisdom is not just special knowledge about something. Wisdom is a way of being, a way of inhabiting the world.
        The beauty of wisdom is harmony, belonging and illumination of thought, action, heart and mind.”
(John O’Donohue)

Reader:  We listen for truth, yet it is elusive - a thought here, a verse there.
May we collect it all, write what is worthy on our hearts,
and let the rest spill past our consciousness
leaving us clear and whole. 
(Gretta Vosper/ab)

• "A Gentle Presence"
By Chuck Lathrop.  More Than Words/142-43.

For the church to call itself to work as Jesus did,
in poverty and under oppression,
is to seek an unaccustomed stance.

It is to be, stand, and operate from the point of view
of the world’s victims and losers.
It is to live and preach the gospel from the bottom up.
It is a falling down, a downward mobility, if you will,
into the commonality of human existence.

It is neither nice nor comfortable.
In addition, it is confrontational and conflictual.

Because of such a stance, the church, while it is committed
to and in the world, will also be at odds with the world ‘as it is’.

Such obedience to God will necessarily mean it will be
a minority phenomenon, a threat to any
political or cultural status quo.

The ramifications are many, the cost is high.


• Mark 3:20-21; 31-35 (NRSV)

[After Jesus had appointed the Twelve] he went home.
The crowd came together again, so that no one could even eat.

When his family heard it, they went out to restrain him,
for people were saying, "He has gone out of his mind..."

Then his mother and his brothers came; and standing outside,
they sent to him and called him.

A crowd was sitting around him; and they said to him:
"Your mother and your brothers and sisters are outside,
asking for you".

And he replied:
"Who are my mother and my brothers?"

And looking at those who sat around him, he said:
"Here are my mother and my brothers!
Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother."

Contemporary Exploration

Silence for Personal Reflection


A Litany in Times of Change and Travelling On (Optional)
The people stand as they are able

When hope invites us to journey
elusive, beckoning onward
but never in our grasp:
All  God of wisdom and promise give us courage to travel on.

When dreams glimmer in the distance,
fading, clouded and hidden
or shining with new brightness:
All  God of wisdom and promise give us courage to travel on.

When established patterns collapse
into the uncertainty of the unknown
and security dissolves into a memory:
All  God of wisdom and promise give us courage to travel on.

When the illusion of success
threatens to divert us