Good caring presence within us

• By © Revd Dr Francis Macnab
Executive Minister, St Michael's Uniting Church, Melbourne, Vic.
Direct from the author.

Good caring presence within us, around us, and above us;
Hold us in a sense of mystery and wonder.
Let the fullness of your goodness be within us and around us.
Let all the world know your ways of caring and generosity.

May we find we have all we need
to meet each day without undue anxiety.
Overlook our many stupidities,
and help us to release everyone from their stupidities.

May we know we are accepted.
Strengthen us that we will reach out to the best,
always with the faith 
to rise above the ugly realities of our existence.

And we celebrate the gifts you have given us:
the rich kingdom of life’s possibilities,
the power to do good and the triumphs of good,
and the moments when we have seen
the glory and wonder of everything.

You are life’s richness.
You are life’s power.
You are life’s ultimate meaning.
And for everyone.

And for evermore.