Indwelling God & Good Parent

Two offerings from within the Unitarian Universalist tradition in the USA.

© Fred F Keip

Indwelling God,

infused throughout all existence,

we honour you with many names.

Your realm is within the human heart.

We accept life for all that it can be,

on earth as throughout all creation.

May we continue to draw sustenance from this earth,

and may we receive forgiveness equal to our own.

May we ever move from separation toward union,

to live in grace,

with love in our hearts,

forever and ever.


© David Sorrill

O God, you love us like a good parent,

and are present in every aspect of our existence

May your nature become known and respected by all

May your joy, peace, wholeness and justice

be the reality for everyone

as we live by the Jesus Way

Give us all that we really need to live every day for you

And forgive us our failures as we forgive others for their failures

Keep us from doing those things which are not of you,

and cause us always to be centred on your love

For you are the true reality in this our now,

and in all our future.

In the Jesus Way we pray.