A sense of Creativity is among us

A sense of Creativity is among us... in the changing of the seasons.

Let the slowly changing leaves of autumn
speak quietening words to our inner-most selves.

Let the breeze of these early autumn mornings
bring a vitality and hope to our lives.

Let the symbols of this place: candle, bread and wine,
speak strength and courage to our hearts and minds,
as we come, and as we go.

In the silence and acceptance of this sacred place
we look inward at ourselves:
the advantages we have been given,
the opportunities we have seized.

May we have a sense of gratitude for the gifts that are ours:
knowledge, skills, insights.

Yet may we also be nudged
to see new perspectives,
to give back,
to reach out,
sharing our talents, our riches, and ourselves
with those who are discouraged, disheartened, or simply unaware.

May we be more open, tolerant and charitable toward one another
and all with whom we share this globe
of love and laughter and tears.

May our attention be grabbed.

And may we be seized with the miracle of life itself,
that we might be filled with
new passion,
new resolve, to take the next step,
risking the way of Jesus.

So be it.