As we gather in the silence of this sacred place

As we gather in the silence of this sacred place,
let us become aware we are in
a sustaining, life-giving Presence,
active in our universe
since the first moment of its existence.

We marvel at life.
We celebrate ourselves as a life-form
giving the source of all that is, a unique expression
in our awareness,
in our intelligence,
and in our ability to communicate.

Enfolded in this Presence
may we realise that the world of the Spirit
and the world of the body
do not exist alongside one another
but within one another.

As the season of Advent begins to draw to an end
and we wait in anticipation for Christmas,
may we embrace the story of the one called Jesus.

Human like us he discerned where this Presence is found:
in the everyday,
in human interaction,
in feeding,
in caring,
in clothing,
in visiting,
in sharing,
in forgiving,
in being neighbour.

We remember his total commitment
to living fully and loving totally.

May we allow his life and teaching to motivate all that we do
so that what we profess to have seen in his life
and heard in his teaching
might be evident in our living and loving.

May God-in-us
find generous and courageous expression
in our words and actions
as we undertake to make the reign of God
evident in our community.

May it be so.