As we gather in this sacred place

As we gather in this sacred place,
our thoughts and our prayers are
for more people who will have good hearts -
compassionate, generous, caring hearts.

And for people who can bring music and colour,
encouragement and hope to people’s hearts.

We pray a prayer for everyone who has a small task,
that they will know their task is part of the fabric of the whole.

We pray for everyone who feels far out on the edge of things,
that wherever they are, they will find
influences that help them onto the pathways
of growth and health.

We pray for all who find their pathways of growth and health
are blocked, and the good solutions to problems do not come.
May they see hope coming to them in different ways.

International disasters and war-like events
continue to plague our thoughts and our world.

Peace to the world.
Peace to the city.
Peace to the earth.
Peace to you.
Peace to me.
Peace to our neighbour.
Peace, shalom, salaam.

In all of our adequacy and inadequacy,
may we be caring people.

In all of our strength and weakness,
may we be true to our best and highest selves.

In all of our happiness and sadness,
may we search for the best ways to respond to life.

This is our prayer.
May it be so.