At this time and as we gather

At this time and as we gather in this sacred place
we are aware of our breath and the
life-giving air that surrounds and sustains.

We are aware of the early Spring warmth in the air,
and of the ground, the soil from which all living things
draw their life and form.

Symbols of life are all around us:
light and noise,
infants and adults,
birds and animals,
colours and movement,
words of goodwill, songs of joy.

As we recognise these symbols of life
may we be inspired to share them generously.

And may we increasingly become more respectful of all that is.
We are one.
We are one with it all.

Over many years, men and women have come to this sacred place.
They have been enriched.
They have been strengthened.
They have been renewed in spirit.

Today as we come to this place, may we too find
the pathway and the journey that awaits us.

In all of our adequacy and inadequacy, may we be caring people.
In all of our strength and weaknesses, may we be people 
true to our best and highest selves.
In all of our happiness and sadness,
may we search for the best ways to respond to life.

We lament those times when our faith
is little more than just fine words and high ideals.

May we become people of vitality and commitment.

May ours be a faith that shines to the world
as the light of deeds
and the witness of actions.

Source and Spirit of our lives, may we respond boldly to the call
for justice,
for love,
for joy.

This is our prayer.
May it be so.