During this time of prayer and quiet reflection

During this time of prayer and quiet reflection,
may we be enabled to find that power that already lies within us:
for love,
for creativity,
for hope.

May our hearts be open to compassion,
our minds open to wisdom,
our spirits open to grace.

We gather, sing, pray and think - offering ourselves to and with
the reverberating hum, mystery and presence of life.

We acknowledge our significance and responsibility in this global village.

We acknowledge our insignificance in the face of it all:
this expanding, exploding, wondrous thing called ‘universe’.

We commit again to facing each other with
new desire and intention,
with embrace, laughter, tears and honesty.

May we always rejoice in life
and work to cultivate a sense of its giftedness.

May ours be a faith that shines to the world
as the light of deeds and the witness of actions.

And let our best thoughts this day be caring thoughts for others.

This is our prayer.
May it be so.