How good2

How good it is to be alive!

To feel the beat of our own hearts,

the pulsing of life in our veins,

the rhythm of our breathing.

So we come into the silence of this time of prayer and reflection

with gratitude for the gift of life this day.


In a universe so vast, may we be helped to sustain

a good sense of who we are,

and a good sense of worth in ourselves.

When time and events and people go by so fast,

help us to know the power in pausing,

and in pausing,

help us to find our life renewed.


We give thanks for the beauty of the created world...

We lament there are places where the environment 

is wilfully destroyed

or carelessly neglected.

May we learn to cherish and care for the earth,

to share all resources justly with all people.

We give thanks for the richness and diversity of human life...

We lament there are many 

who lack the necessities of daily life,

who face danger, conflict or persecution.

May we learn the ways of justice,

and that violence and oppression may cease.


We live in a divided world,

a world where people have lost faith in political protest

and resort to blowing up themselves and the neighbours they hate;

a world where soldiers are called peace-keepers

and bombs are dropped in the name of national

and international security.

As God longs for peace, may we find the wisdom

to see all sides of each issue.

As God longs for healing and wholeness,

may we find the love to persevere when all else fails.

This is our prayer.
May it be so.