We come from different places

We come from different places to this sacred place
of communal caring and celebration.

In the silence and acceptance of this sacred place
we look inward at ourselves:
the advantages we have been given,
the opportunities we have seized.

May we have a sense of gratitude for the gifts that are ours:
knowledge, skills, insights.
Yet may we also be nudged to see new perspectives,
to give back,
to reach out,
sharing our talents, our riches, and ourselves
with those who are discouraged, disheartened, or simply unaware.

Sharing life’s journey with others is always a privilege.
We are enriched by the company of each other,
and are drawn closer to the heart of love in this time of celebration.

May this gathering be touched with tenderness,
refreshing us anew by the grace that encompasses this day.

This day we also call to mind progressive friends
in our two ‘twinning’ congregations:
(Name) and (Name),
Together may we support each other,
empower each other,
welcome each other.

This day, along with the sage Jesus, we also acknowledge
Moses, Buddha, Muhammad and so many others, as lights in this world.
For these have showed us we create our world
through our thoughts and deeds.

We challenge all negative thoughts.
We expose them where they shiver.
We admit to giving more room to the words, thoughts and attitudes
that diminish, limit and harm.

This day we commit ourselves to positive thoughts and life giving attitudes,
with the hope they may be translated into
compassion, peace and gentle action,
as we walk through all the seasons of our lives.

This is our prayer.
May it be so.