We gather to honour and affirm life

We gather in this sacred place to honour and affirm life.
We come to consider again being the change we wish to see in the world.

This morning we acknowledge the challenges of life, faith and religion.
And we celebrate a journey filled with
new thoughts and commitments,
born out of critique and letting go.

This morning we celebrate the unfolding of the universe,
and our ability and possibilities for creating brighter and gentler futures
for our communities.

The symbols of life are all around us:
light and noise,
infants and adults,
birds and animals,
colours and movement,
words of goodwill, songs of joy.

May we recognise these symbols as life affirming.
May we seek to renew them everyday.
May we be inspired to share them generously.

As we meet and as we prepare to depart,
may we again commit as individuals and as a community
to the values and ideals that would contribute to
the transformation of this world.

May each of us undertake again the appraisal and joy
of living out what is dear to us, and what truly advances and invites
compassion, grace, forgiveness,
kindness, justice and love to flourish and transform.

May we abide in the assurance that goodness goes on
even in our wavering... in our waffling… in our doubts and questions.

This is our prayer.
May it be so.