Ever present God2

Ever present God, source and ground of all that exists,

present and active everywhere in the universe,

your gift is life.

Open to us those doors that we can see the way 

to take and embrace life’s possibilities with positive energy.

May we be helped to find that inner release 

and that outer confirmation

to live life fully;

to live life as connectedness

with God

with nature

and with all other people.


This gift of life has provided us with many excellent experiences,

and a range of possibilities are before us every day.

May we have an attitude of openness that draws us towards 

the best experiences

and the best possibilities.

May we be graced with an awareness that we must get on with being who we are

as fully as we can,

as unflinchingly as we can,

as accurately as we can.

This day, let us also take time to look around, to look:

beyond our selves,

beyond words and roles,

beyond past hurts and future worries…

to embrace those who are hurting,

those who suffer the erosions of time or the inflictions of illness,

those who struggle to break free from unhealthy patterns of behaviour

or to heal crippled relationships.

And may we be prompted to be more expansive and more inclusive

as we accept our responsibility

to make God’s reign visible

through gracious generosity.


This is our prayer.