Ever present God, source and ground of all

Ever present God, source and ground of all that exists,
present and active everywhere in the universe,
your gift is life.

May we be empowered to embrace life’s possibilities with positive energy.
May we be helped to deal with our self-doubts,
to control our inner fears,
to lessen our self-criticism.

May we be helped to find that inner release 
and that outer confirmation
to live life fully;
to live life as connectedness
with God
with nature
and with all other people.

This gift of life has provided us with many excellent experiences,
and a range of possibilities are before us every day.
May we have an attitude of openness that draws us towards 
the best experiences
and the best possibilities.

And may we be prompted to be more expansive and more inclusive
as we accept our responsibility
to make God’s reign visible
through gracious generosity.

We recognise that the world will be a better place for more people
as we combine our concern for 
personal objectives, achievements and success,
with real efforts to create conditions
for an informed community awareness, and social change.

May we live out this concern and this effort.

May people see in us the spirit of
gratitude, and
generous self-giving, we have seen in Jesus.

This is our prayer.