God of all seasons, of all moods

God of all seasons, of all moods, of all people, of each other:

may we be lifted into a new mood.

To be part of a new way of being in the world.

Touch us again,

that we will know we are accepted,

that we are affirmed and someone of worth,

and that we are generously blessed.


We lament there are those who believe there can be

reconciliation without justice;

justice without understanding;

understanding without standing in the shoes of the other;

standing without being still.


May we be reminded that we can use our influence.

That we can raise our voices.

That we can flood parliament’s public gallery,

attend parent-teacher interviews,

send eMail, voice mail, letters to the editor,

gather in the streets, in bank foyers, and in church offices.

That we can rise up in power on behalf of all those

who live in tree, cave, hive, village, dam, river, ocean, and suburb.

That we can rise up on behalf of all we love and all that keeps us alive.


This day, we also take time to look around, to look:

beyond our selves,

beyond words and roles,

beyond past hurts and future worries…

To embrace those who are hurting,

those who suffer the erosions of time or the inflictions of illness,

those who struggle to break free from unhealthy patterns of behaviour

or to heal crippled relationships.

May we be prompted to be more expansive and more inclusive

as we accept our responsibility

to make God’s reign visible

through gracious generosity.


This is our prayer.