God of all creation, Source of Life

Creativity God, source of the evolution of life,
we are bold to claim our thankfulness for every new day.
For every possibility of making a new start.
For courage to make that new start.
For hope that we will be better for it.

Between us and among us, may we be helped to loosen the hooks
that keep us snared with past resentments and past difficulties.

As we look around us we know this is also a time of continuing drought,
and many feel anguish and stress.
The dry brown hills in much of our country, mirror a sense of emptiness.
The parched earth continues to cracks and groans.

In faith we pray that rain will continue to fall
and revive the parched land, easing the concerns of many.

We confess to impatience for we live in a favoured land.
We pray for those facing crises with feed and stock.

May we have the strength to take each day at a time
and to trust in the rhythm of nature.

May we continue to build a community of hope.

We know each day confronts us with a spectrum of experiences:
from happiness to sadness 
from boredom to excitement
from anxiety to a balanced optimism.

May we reach out and celebrate the best parts of our life.

May we reach out and nurture the common bonds that we have
with all the people in the world.

May we reach out to receive the good gifts of life
and to give of our goodwill and generosity.

This is our prayer.