God of our hope

God of our hope,
we give thanks for this Autumn day
and for this place of peace and quiet.

May we sense your presentness close to us.

On this day, this Palm Sunday,
we share our concern for others, especially:
those employed in workplaces where safety regulations are ignored or do not exist,
those carrying out jobs of human care in areas where there is warfare.

We offer our concern for those suddenly without work,
without the money employment provides,
without the self-esteem that a useful job encourages.

We lament that there are people in our community
denied the opportunity to work because
of sickness,
or mental,
or physical challenges.

We affirm those whose work it is to restore people to health again:
lab technicians,
community and healthcare workers.

And we seek a blessing on our own work:
the work we do at our place of employment or research,
the work we do in retirement,
the work we do within the home,
the work we do in our community groups, and
the work we do for and around this place - our Church Centre.

Let this be our prayer.