God of sunrise and of surprises

God of sunrise and of surprises, may we sense your presentness
in the energy and power and colour of early Spring.

We are grateful for the gift of life itself, mindful that to respect life
means both to celebrate what life is
and to insist on what it can become.

On this first sunday of Spring...
how strong and good and sure the earth smells:
blessed are the forests and paddocks, trees and wildflowers
blessed are the rivers and lakes, the oceans and wetlands,
blessed is the air we breathe,
blessed are the galaxies, sun and moon, stars and planets.

On this first sunday of Spring, may we be...
washed with the scent of apple blossom,
anointed with the essence of lilac, and
sprinkled with the perfume of lavender.

We remember that too often our collective actions and attitudes
have caused us to become alienated from Planet Earth.
We have viewed this planet as disposable, a source of endless resources.
We have polluted Earth’s waters with toxins
and turned our greed into global warming.
We have helped cause massive melting in the Antarctic Continent
threatening the lives of many on our smaller land masses.

We lament our past ignorance as we seek
to protect and repair, and be new advocates.

Hidden life, vibrant in every atom.
Hidden light, shining in every creature.
Hidden love, embracing all in oneness...
May each of us feel as one with Creativity God.

And know we are also one with every other.

This is our prayer.