God, Source of Life and Creativity, in a universe so vast

God, Source of Life and Creativity, in a universe so vast,
may we sustain a good sense of this presentness,
and a good sense of worth in ourselves.

When time and events and people go by so fast,
may we know the power in pausing,
and in pausing find our life renewed.

At this time and in this sacred place
we remember our own land of Australia:
its beaches and reefs, rainforests and mountains,
wilderness and desert;
its unique and marvellous ecology;
its peoples here since the ancient dreamings;
its peoples who have come in more recent times.

In our day to day living beyond this time of celebration
may we be surrounded with a good spirit 
of life and vitality,
of healing and restoration,
of acceptance and quietness of mind.

May we be a part of a good spirit in the world
where life and vitality overcomes the powers 
of destructiveness and blandness.

May today be the day, that we - Muslims, Christians, Jews and all others –
become sojourners together on the pathways of
goodwill, service, compassion and justice.

And may our living be enlarged by the ageless truths found
within all traditions, and
within all

This is our prayer.