Holy One, known by many names

Holy One, known by many names,
we gather this morning in celebration and appreciation:
thankful for the days that have been,
even those that have stretched us to the limit...

And hopeful for the days that shall be,
even those that shall demand of us the best that we have of faith
and hope
and courage.

May we see our lives with a new freshness.
May we move beyond what is trivial that we may play our part in the world's renewal.
May we say ‘yes’ again to the visions:
that honour the progressive movement,
that honour human beings and kindness,
that unite collaboratively the insights and scholarship of all disciplines,
that lift up the wisdom of sages and saints, of prophets and heretics, alike.

We commit to become ever more impassioned and compassioned people.
We commit to friends, family, lovers, children, adversaries, colleagues, neighbours.
We honour life and each one present.

Hold close the ones who are ill this day,
those who feel the discouragement of the body.
Stand by those who know their time is limited.
Fill them and us with courage, with peace.

In this moment of life,
may we be sustained in the silence of our own thoughts and prayers...
Let us quiet the throbbings of the past week
that we may open our minds and hearts
to the touch of the Spirit of Compassion all around us.

May we become the people we were meant to be.

This is our prayer.