O God, Source of our Life

Creativity God, source of our life, may we approach this day with joy.
May this time together be for the up-building
of your tenderness in and through our lives.

In this season of change we call Autumn,
we pause to remember how we are graced and encouraged
by the beauty around us.

As we affirm the earth and our care with and for it,
so too do we commit our care to people around us.

May we as individuals and as a community, be a
kind and encouraging voice,
warm embrace,
gentle presence to all we meet this week.

May we be blessed with a flower to smell, a hand to touch,
a voice to cheer, a heart to gladden.

We lament there are many in our world and in this city
who lack the necessities of daily life.
May we all learn the ways of compassion and justice.

And where there is violence and oppression, may it cease.

In our hope for a better world
we would like to embrace that good spirit in people
that strives to overcome
the emotions and behaviour of fear
and hatred and prejudice.

In our hope for a better world
we would like to embrace that force within ourselves,
and the force that is beyond ourselves,
that makes forgiveness possible.

We breathe the life of God,
as we breathe the air about us.

May we breathe it more deeply.

This is our prayer.