Source of Life and Creativity2

Source of Life and Creativity we name God,

the days and nights pass on with such speed

we sometimes miss their significance.

Help us to live each day as fully and as generously as we can.

May we be stimulated and inspired by

thoughts and images,

visions and causes, bigger than ourselves.


We give thanks for the beauty of the created world...

We lament there are places where the environment

is wilfully destroyed

or carelessly neglected.

May we learn to cherish and care for the earth,

to share all resources justly with all people.

We give thanks for the richness and diversity of human life...

We lament there are many

who lack the necessities of daily life,

who face danger, conflict or persecution.

May we learn the ways of justice,

and that violence and oppression may cease.


We live in a world which is fragile and broken,

a world where species are dying while we continue 

to destroy their habitats;

a world where victims are forced to relive their terror

if they are to receive justice from our courts.

As God longs for healing and wholeness,

may we find the love to persevere when all else fails.

We gather in the name of that humble Galilean who dared us

to dream peace into being,

who showed us creative ways to challenge injustice,

and whose love embraced all.

This is our prayer.