Spirit of life... Easter2

Spirit of Life, we come together this Easter morning
to rejoice in the ongoing, unfolding universe around us and within us:
the changing colours of autumn leaves;
the word spoken that carries a little kindness or consolation;
the spirit of goodness present in unexpected places.

We come to rejoice, but we also come with concerns... for
our families, our community,
our nation, our world.

We would remember the teachings of Jesus,
whose words and deeds embodied
the outreaching of unconditional love.

And we acknowledge that we yearn to be touched by such love,
but that we are not always ready to receive it or to give it.
Our fears get in the way.

On this Easter morning may the heavy stones which burden us
be rolled away…
• When we are afraid, may we be empowered with a courage
to do what we have to do;
• When we fail to find courage or peace, may we find
compassion for our sisters and brothers who also fail.

We lament that too often we have not taken time
to search for the beauty of our world hidden around us.

As we allow such beauty to go unnoticed
we have deprived ourselves of occasions
for joy and delight.

On this Easter morning may our senses come alive…
• When we are reflective may we give good memories
and receive good memories;
• When we remember may we also respond to all
the beauty, the harmony,
the fragrance, taste and texture of life around us, now.

This day we celebrate the gift of life itself:
the resources that come from within us...
and the resources that come from beyond us.

May we take hold of these resources and let them transform our lives.

This is our prayer.