Storytelling God.Advent

Storytelling God,

who speaks to us in myths and legends and parables,

teach us to find ourselves in those stories 

and to grow through them.

Touch our hearts with the wonder of your images

so we can see ourselves more clearly

in our fullness and complexity.

Strengthen us and nurture us.

Grant us the excitement and joy 

that bubbles in those who are your gifts to a tired world.


Let us share our prayers and thoughts for others...

For the world,

for all places of confllict and strife...

For all people,

for the persecuted and for those without food...

For all people who live without dignity,

for all who have no hope...

For all who suffer,

for the sick in body or spirit...

For the sad, the lonely,

and for all who mourn...


Staying alert requires stamina, 



commitment and


Those who have awaited the birth of a child

also know the agony and the ecstacy of

yearning, longing and pain.

Those who have stayed awake with a dying parent or spouse,

or heard the stories of domestic violence and sexual abuse

know the difficulty of dealing with

the range of emotions aroused from within.

Stir us to stay awake during Advent

as we go forth in joyful expectation and hope

seeking to experience God’s presentness in the ordinary.