Thanks be to God, Source of all Life and Being

Thanks be to God, Source of all Life and Being
for all things around us and within us.
For health, food, drink and warm clothes.
For family, friends, good neighbours,
and enemies who pray for us.

Thanks for curiosity, laughter, and the ability to learn.
For truth, courage and beauty.
For hospitals and libraries, theatres, parklands and lakes.
We give visible expression to this Source, this ultimate mystery.

On this cool winter’s day, we hold in our hearts 
people whose lives are clouded by misfortune:
the insolvent farmer or the deserted mother,
the workless hard worker or the rejected social misfit,
the neglected child or the dejected mentally ill,
the prisoner sighing or the drug addict dying.

We lament that so often we take common things for granted.
The bed that gave us rest last night,
and the new day that greeted us on waking up.

The pleasures of a warm shower
and the feel of a soft towel on our skin.

The aroma and flavour of the toast and coffee we have at breakfast.

The smooth roads and paths on which we travelled safely here.

May we always give thanks for these quiet, repetitive gifts,
that make it good to be alive,
and good to be here together in this sacred place.

Enriched by this time spent together
may we become part of a more caring, compassionate world;
may we find the courage to make more ethical choices in our relationships;
may we foster behaviour to preserve and enhance our environments.

As we marvel at life, let us celebrate the times
we are creators of a better world,
and when we leave behind us a trail of encouragement and hope.

This is our prayer.