Compiled by Rex A E Hunt
Last updated:  February 2018

Two sample lists for (i) Adults, and (ii) to share with children/grand children

‘Progressive’ Resources for use with Adult Study Groups

Armstrong, K. The Case For God. What Religion Really Means. London. The Bodley Head, 2009

Benedikt, M. God Is The Good We Do. Theology of Theopraxy. New York. Bottino Books, 2007

Bessler, J. A. A Scandalous Jesus. How Three Historic Quests Changed Theology for the Better. Salem. Polebridge Press, 2013

Crossan, J. D. The Power of Parable. How Fiction By Jesus Became Fiction About Jesus. New York. HarperOne, 2012

______,  The Greatest Prayer. Rediscovering the Revolutionary Message of the Lord's Prayer. New York. HarperOne, 2010

Dewey, A. J. Inventing the Passion. How the Death of Jesus was Remembered. Salem. Polebridge Press, 2017

______, Wisdom Notes: Theological Riffs on Life and Living. Salem: Polebridge Press, 2016

Felten, D. M. & J. Procter-Murphy. Living the Questions. The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity. New York. HarperOne, 2012

Freeman, C. AD 381. Heretics, Pagans, And The Dawn of the Monotheistic State. Woodstock. The Overlook Press, 2008

Funk, R. W. A Credible Jesus. Fragments of a Vision. Santa Rosa. Polebridge Press, 2002

Galston, D. Embracing the Human Jesus. A Wisdom Path for Contemporary Christianity. Salem. Polebridge Press, 2012

Geering, L. From the Big Bang to God. Our Awe-inspiring Journey of Evolution. Wellington. Steele Roberts Publishers, 2013

______,  Coming Back To Earth. From Gods, to God, to Gaia. Salem. Polebridge Press, 2009

Goodenough, U. The Sacred Depths of Nature. Oxford/New York. Oxford University Press, 1998

Habel, N. Rainbow of Mysteries. Meeting the Sacred in Nature. Canada. Chopperhouse, 2012

Hedrick, C. W. The Wisdom of Jesus. Between the Sages of Israel and the Apostles of the Church. Eugene. Cascade Books, 2014

Hoover, R. W. (ed). Profiles Of Jesus. Santa Rosa. Polebridge Press, 2002

Hunt, R. A. E. Against the Stream. Progressive Christianity between Pulpit and Pew. Northcote. Morning Star Publishing, 2012/2013

______, Cards, Carols, and Claus. Christmas in Popular Culture and Progressive Christianity. Northcote. Morning Star Publishing, 2013

______, When Progressives Gather Together. Liturgy, Lectionary, Landscape… And Other Explorations. Northcote. Morning Star Publishing, 2016

______, & J. W. H. Smith (ed). Why Weren't We Told? A Handbook on Progressive Christianity. Salem. Polebridge Press, 2013

______, & G. C. Jenks (ed). Wisdom and Imagination. Religious Progressives and the Search for Meaning. Northcote. Morning Star Publishing, 2014

Jenks, G. C. Jesus Then and Jesus Now. Looking for Jesus, Finding Ourselves. Northcote. Morning Star Publishing, 2013

______,  The Once and Future Bible. An Introduction to the Bible for Religious Progressives. Eugene. Wipf & Stock, 2011

Kaufman, G. D. In The Beginning... Creativity. Minneapolis. Fortress Press, 2004

Macnab, F. Discover A New Faith. Energy for a Better Life. St Michael's Anniversary Edition. Richmond. Spectrum Publications, 2011

Miller, R. J. (ed). The Future of the Christian Tradition. Santa Rosa. Polebridge Press, 2007

Parkinson, L. Made on Earth. How Gospel Writers Created the Christ. Richmond. Spectrum Publications, 2015

______,  The World According to Jesus. His Blueprint for the Best Possible World. Richmond. Spectrum Publications, 2011

Paterson, S. J. Beyond the Passion. Rethinking the Death and Life of Jesus. Minneapolis. Fortress Press, 2004

Peters, K. E. Spiritual Transformations. Science, Religion, and Human Becoming. Minneapolis. Fortress Press, 2008

Rue, L. Religion Is Not About God. How Spiritual Traditions Nurture our Biological Nature and what to Expect When They Fail. Piscataway. Rutgers University Press, 2006

Sanguin, B. The Advance of Love. Reading the Bible with an Evolutionary Heart. Vancouver. Evans & Sanguin Publishing, 2012

Schaberg, J. The Illegitimacy of Jesus. A Feminist Theological Interpretation of the Infancy Narratives. Expanded Twentieth Anniversary Edition. Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2006

Scott, B. B. The Real Paul. Rediscovering His Radical Challenge. Oregon. Polebridge Press, 2015

______,  The Trouble with Resurrection. From Paul to The Fourth Gospel. Salem. Polebridge Press, 2010

______,  Re-imagine The World. An Introduction to the Parables Of Jesus. Santa Rosa. Polebridge Press, 2001

Smith, J. W. H. & R. A. E. Hunt (ed).  New Life: Rediscovering Faith. Stories from Progressive Christians. Northcote. Morning Star Publishing, 2013

Spong, J. S. The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic. New York. HarperOne, 2013

Vosper, G. Amen. What Prayer can Mean in a World Beyond Belief. Toronto. HarperCollins, 2012

______, With or Without God. Why the Way we Live is more Important than What we Believe. Toronto. HarperCollins, 2008

Webb, V. Testing Tradition and Liberating Theology. Finding your own Voice. Northcote. Morning Star Publishing, 2015

______,  Stepping Out with the Sacred. Human Attempts to Engage the Divine. New York. Continuum International, 2010

Wilson, B. How Jesus Became Christian. Canada. Random House Press, 2008

‘Progressive’ Resources for use with Children/Grandchildren

Young Children
Buice, C.  A Bucketful of Dreams. Contemporary Parables for All Ages. Boston. Skinner House Press/UUA. (, 1994.

Holmes, J. A.  Blue Sky Yellow Kite. Richmond: Little Hare Books, 2016

______,  Snap! Richmond: Little Hare Books, 2013

______,  Duck. Surry Hills. Little Hare Books, 2009

______,  Me and You. Surry Hills. Little Hare Books, 2008

Daddo, A. I Do It. Sydney: ABC/HarperCollins, 2007

McBratney, S. It’s Lovely When You Smile. London: Puffin, 2005/2006

Gold, A. & M. Perlman. Where Does God Live? ECS Series. Woodstock. Skylight Paths Press, 2004.

Gold, A. Does God Hear My Prayer? ECS Series. Woodstock. Skylight Paths Press, 2005.

______,  Does God Forgive Me? ECS Series. Woodstock. Skylight Paths Press, 2006.

King, S. M. The Man Who Loved Boxes. Gosford. Scholastic Books, 1995.

Kushner, L & K. What Does God Look Like? ECS Series. Woodstock. Skylight Paths Press, 2001.

______, Where Is God? ECS Series. Woodstock. Skylight Paths Press, 2002.

Lindahl, K. How Does God Listen? ECS Series. Woodstock. Skylight Paths Press, 2005.

Sauro, J. Does God Ever Sleep? Woodstock. Skylight Paths Press, 2005.

Sasso, S. E. What Is God's Name? ECS Series. Woodstock. Skylight Paths Press, 1999.

Primary Age
Anderson, L. & C. Brotman. Kid’s Book of Awesome Stuff. Biddeford. Brotman Marsh-Field Curriculums, 2004.

Matejovsky, C. Stones & Bones. Santa Rosa: Polebridge Press, 2007

______,  Shadow on the Moon. A Child’s Guide to the Discovery of the Solar System. Santa Rosa: Polebridge Press, 2014

Andrews, B. & P. Hoertdoerfer. In Our Hands. A Peace and Social Justice Program. Boston. UUA, 1990.

Bellis, S. The Curious Mind of Young Darwin. Shrewsbury. Field Studies Council, 2008.

Fahs, S. L. From Long Ago and Many Lands. Stories for Children Told Anew. Second edition. With teacher’s guide. Boston. Skinner House Books, 1976.

Late Primary/Early Secondary - Curriculum resource
Binkley, C. G. & J. M. McKeel. Jesus and his Kingdom of Equals. Santa Rosa. Polebridge Press, 2001.

A Joyful Path. Ages 6 - 10. Published by ProgressiveChristianity.Org, USA., 2010.

Bellis, S. The Curious Mind of Young Darwin. Shrewsbury. Field Studies Council, 2008

Moroney, T. The Things I Love About… (i) Friends. (ii) School. (iii) Family. (iv) Pets. Scoresby. Five Mile Press

Hunt, N. Grandmuttie. Mascot. Koala Books, 2000

Morwood, M. Children Praying a New Story. A Resource for Parents, Grandparents and Teachers. South Bend. Kelmor Publishing, 2009

Spaulding, N. The Little Blue Parcel. Gosford. Scholastic Books, 1998